About Us

MaddlyTech welcomes you to the mad world of programming, content marketing, web applications, digital marketing, blogging and more!
As one of the budding teams for website development in India, we believe in the power of consolidated services. We are a bunch of freelancers hungry for good work and new challenges, and being a team, we only get to do better and beyond our individual capabilities
MaddlyTech was formed with the idea of offering web-related services for companies, budding entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We strongly believe that our work, which extends right from basic web theme designing to development of content and extensive digital marketing, will help clients globally.
We are based out of India (Well, everyone has a home!), but we have worked with international clients effortlessly in the last couple of years. We don’t come with the baggage that you would expect from a web developer or marketing manager. Instead, we are here to offer what you exactly need – Customized services to meet specific demands.
We don’t claim to be the best web development service in India, but we are surely one of the promising ones. Our team is a four-member gang, and each one of us contribute to projects in the most elaborate way possible.
Not sure if you want to hire us? We don’t mind doing a free review of your website. Unhappy with the performance of your website? Get in touch, and we will offer an audit of your marketing plan! Of course, we don’t mind sharing references, on request, and yes, we don’t mind meeting you over a cup of coffee, if we are in your town.
Quirk aside, MaddlyTech has always maintained high standards when it comes to marketing and website development, and we will be happy to discuss your project further. Don’t shy away from contacting our team – we are available for 24 hours of the day (at least we try).