What Our Clients Say

Soham has offered amazing support for my website and has been quick with his ideas. I look ahead to hiring him again in near future. I would also recommend him for anyone looking for advanced WP sites. Wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Will be working soon again.


We had a very pleasant experience working with Soham at Maddly Tech. He not only brought creative ideas but also was very quick in executing them. We were very happy with his prompt turnaround in getting the work completed on time, maintaining superior quality of work.
We look forward to working on many more projects with Soham in the near future

Rachana Nabar Deshpande

Maddly Tech team has helped immensely with our project. Besides great support and themes, Soham has been phenomenal in his work approach and turnaround time. We thank him for working with us on a tight schedule. Looking ahead to more collaborations

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