WordPress Plugins

Why Choose Us?

The functionality of your WordPress website depends on many factors, but what you cannot ignore are plugins. WordPress Plugins are essential for adding more features, functionalities to a portal, and more often than not, the freely available ones are not enough. At MaddlyTech, we offer WordPress Plugins at affordable prices, customized for different functionalities.
WordPress offers a bunch of WordPress Plugins for different purposes, and some of them are quite apt. However, some websites just need more than the basic ones, which is why custom Plugins are so important. As a budding name for designing WordPress Plugins in India, MaddlyTech brings services that caters to clients locally and internationally. We create plugins for almost anything, but if there’s a plugin out there already, we can use it for your project to reduce your expenses.
The whole process of developing WordPress Plugins starts with evaluating the needs of the website. Keeping the expected functionalities in mind, we look for readymade options. If the client is interested, we may suggest buying some of the paid Plugins. However, when none of the options work, we offer custom WordPress Plugins that are developed specifically for the project. You can get an estimate for your project in advance, which will help in mapping the costs and other aspects.
MaddlyTech offers FREE website audits and evaluations, and we also offer digital marketing and content services, besides website development, theme design and website management. If you have something in mind, feel free to contact us.


Yes, you don’t have to pay for our website development package to get WordPress Plugins. This is an independent service, and we always try to scale our work to match the requirements of our clients. In short, if you just want a WordPress Plugin, we can complete your project.

It is hard to offer a broad range for WordPress Plugins, simply because some plugins require weeks or work, while others can be created in a day. Everything is customized according to requirements. Nevertheless, getting an estimate from doesn’t cost anything.

We are always around to offer tech support. So far, we have never had complaints related to WordPress Plugins, but if the error is on our part, you have our support for a year. Also, we can take care of bug fixes and other concerns, if the theme has been designed by us.