Website Managment

Why Choose Us?

Gone are days of static websites. Today, if you don’t have new and engaging contents on your website, you have lost half the battle. With thousands of websites launching every month, website management is a task that owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs can no longer ignore. Of course, not everyone has the time for that – which is why MaddlyTech is here to help!
We are one of the budding companies for website management in India, and we have worked with clients globally too. So, what can we do for you? Well, if you don’t know the critical aspects of backend layout or need help with updating and adding content, we can handle things for you. Also, we offer technical support for the websites we have already designed. No matter whether it is a bug or something that’s distorting the front layout, we can manage things for you.
Website management involves a lot of things, not limited to maintaining theme elements, updating content, checking for basic SEO elements and incorporating changes as and when required. The work is largely dependent on the kind of portal you have, but we will be happy to offer a package. Just like all our services, this is also a customized process, and we have tried to keep the pricing as affordable as possible.
If you need help with website management in India and beyond, feel free to get in touch with us. MaddlyTech specializes in WordPress, and we will be happy to create a comprehensive package, considering your content and other requirements.
Not sure if you need us? Let us offer a FREE website audit, and getting a quote for website management is always FREE too.


Tech problems, bug fixes, content updates, SEO features – You name it, and we can include it in your package. As we have always stated, our services are flexible, and we will be happy to design something that caters to your requirements.

Well, we can always offer and redesign things as required for an extra charge. If you don’t need to revamp the entire website, we can change, add and modify elements as needed. Contact our team to know more.

We are always around to take your questions. In case of an emergency at our end, we will still be accessible on phone, if not email. We like to finish tasks as and when it comes to ask, so get in touch to figure out our services better!