Digital Content

Why Choose Us?

Content defines everything you do online – right from your website to SEO, marketing, social media and more. At MaddlyTech, we understand and appreciate that. We bring you digital content creation services for marketing and website needs, focusing on client goals, market, niche and more.
Gone are days when “Unique” or “SEO-friendly” content ruled the requirements. Today, it is more about appreciating your audience and writing content that’s relevant for them. Our content writing services in India are designed to cater to the global audience, and we have had the pleasure of working with many international clients and projects. We are also a step ahead in managing content for our clients. Regardless of whether you are launching a new website or want to revamp your marketing campaign, we offer contents that have curated after hours of research.
MaddlyTech intends to offer customized content writing plans for SEO companies and brands, and we are willing to collaborate with brands that need ghost writers. Additionally, we also deal website themes, plug-ins, website management and more, so if you need a comprehensive package, we will be happy to offer one.
As a budding name for content writing in India, we also work with clients to create marketing campaigns to suit different needs. From SEO to PPC and social media marketing, we do it all!
Have a query? Call us or just allow our team to offer a quick review of your website, and that’s FREE!


Writing, we believe, is an art, which must be appreciated in the same way as fine art. The charges are different for each project, depending on what you exactly need. So, a SEO article will cost much less than a company profile – If we had to give an example.

Yes, we can, but we usually only take projects that we can manage. If your requirements are for a SEO project or for link building, we can create a plan that will work for you. It all depends, so get in touch to discuss further.

If you need website design, theme, logo, graphic design services, content and digital marketing all at once, we are sure that we can come to an arrangement. The packages are varied, but we would try and offer the best quote we can.